18 August 2010

Eyes don’t always see!


It seems to be a rarity
when humans understand:
Fate cannot be ratified,
nor destiny be planned.
People can't begin to know
the things we have in store
For now we mustn't dawdle,
we've been ignorant before.

Eyes are not deceiving to our minds, but to our hearts
They give us room to figure that we're great and that we're smart.
Pupils aren't perceiving of what futures overrule,
Part of being wise is knowing that you're just a fool.


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05 June 2010


...what hides behind tired eyes
broken & tied
to etchings of the past
blinded by misfortune
all painted blue & red
find the heart
beneath this flesh

lying dormant
tucked way beyond bone
making a home
of marrow
shattered hopes to hold
an unfound constant...

02 June 2010

Car hits woman, she sues Google

the-devil1 Salt Lake City: A pedestrian injured by a motorist while following an online route has filed a lawsuit claiming Google Inc. supplied unsafe directions.

Lauren Rosenberg filed a lawsuit on Thursday seeking more than $ 100,000 in U.S. District Court in Utah. It also named a motorist she says hit her.

Rosenberg used her phone in January to download directions from one end of Park City to the other.

Google Maps led her to a four-lane boulevard without sidewalks that was "not reasonably safe for pedestrians," according to the lawsuit filed by the Northridge, California, resident.

The case has become a sensation on tech blogs, websites and cable television channels, with critics assailing the woman for ignoring her own safety to blindly follow online directions. Her lawyer, Allen Young, said the truth was different.

Rosenberg believed she could reach a sidewalk on the other side of Deer Valley Drive and tried to cross the boulevard, but didn't even make it to the median, he said.

She was struck by a speeding car on a pitch-black night and received multiple bone fractures that required six weeks of rehabilitation, Young added.

"We think there's enough fault to go around, but Google had some responsibility to direct people correctly or warn them," Young said. "They created a trap with walking instructions that people rely on. She relied on it and thought she should cross the street."

Rosenberg is seeking compensation for medical bills, plus more for lost wages and punitive damages. The lawsuit provided no other information about the woman, who has been misidentified online as a Los Angeles publicist by the same name.

Young said the woman is a native of Northridge in her mid-20s and is unemployed. No phone listing could be found for her.

Google spokeswoman Elaine Filadelfo said the company had not received a copy of the lawsuit and couldn't discuss it, but she disputed Young's assertion that Google Maps provides no warning that walking routes may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths.

Every software version for desktop computers and mobile devices has had that disclaimer since Google Maps was launched in 2008, she said.

Park City police said some segments of Deer Valley Drive have sidewalks but not the stretch that Rosenberg reached. The boulevard has a walking path on the side Rosenberg failed to reach, police Capt. Rick Ryan said.

Young said the walking path was "totally snowpacked" and of no use to pedestrians in January.

Source : IBN News (ibnlive.in.com)

25 May 2010

The Photographer Committed Suicide 3 (three) Days After Taking This Picture!

The photographer could have saved this boy's life, but because of the photographer's ethics code he was prevented from helping in any way. This haunted him, and led him to commit suicide..
The actual facts:

1. The photographer, Kevin Carter, did intervene. He chased the vulture away right after taking the photo.

2. There is no "photographer's ethics code" that said he should not have intervened.

3. The child in the photo is a girl, not a boy.

4. The girl was approaching a nearby famine relief center and had stopped to rest when this picture was taken. There is every reason to believe she got there and was fed. Admittedly, though, there is no way to know for sure. And admittedly, Carter did not help her get there.

5. The photo was taken in March 1993, and Carter committed suicide in July 1994. That was approximately 490 days later, not 3 days.

6. Carter's suicide note said he was despondent over his dire financial problems and the memories of what he saw while on assignment in Sudan. This image is but one of many very disturbing things he saw there.

7. There is thus no reason to attribute his suicide to this specific photo.

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01 May 2010

Escape !

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The darkness
Like black satin
Over my mind.

And there is no escape...

The darkness
The silence,
The insanity,
Like poison
Entering my mind.

And there is no escape...

The darkness
The pain,
The cold,
Like ice
Freezing my mind.

And there is no escape...

There is no escape.

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13 April 2010

..when love mis-called !

Kavya quickly goes through her phonebook, calls up Nisha and waits until she hears the other line pick up.

Myspace_Love_Quotes_18 “Nisha, I don’t know what to do, I really don’t. I love him so much and I don’t think he thinks of me that way. I mean, whenever I see him or think of him, I can’t help it; this smile comes across my face. Sometimes when he notices me smiling, he smiles back. That’s when my knees turn to jello and I get butterflies in my stomach. Nishant is so caring and considerate. Well, actually, I don’t deserve him. He’s too nice for me, I mean, look at all the girls that fall for him. I could never be one of those. They are all so pretty and bubbly and, and … But you know, whenever I think of him or see him, I can’t help it, I smile. He called me the other day about some homework. I made a complete fool of myself. I’m so embarrassed. I stuttered the whole time, but he was so sweet and just kept talking and making me feel better. He’s so perfect Nisha, I don’t deserve him, so why do I keep wishing and praying that he will notice me, why?............Nisha? Nisha are you there… HELLO?”

“This isn’t Nisha.”

Petrified, Kavya asks, “Who is this?”

“This is the guy whose smile turns your knees to jello and everything you just said, is what I’ve been wanting to say since the day I met you ... I am as crazy about you too Kavya; and I am Nishant not your friend Nisha.” :)

For some love is easy and quick – but for Nishant and Kavya this is the beginning of a lifelong relationship, or just the beginning of a flash fire that burnt itself out rather quickly, it was really beautiful with all the colors of love !!

02 April 2010

..and the colors of love fade !!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Love came to me last evening and sat down next to me. We remained in silence for hours. Kavya didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything either. Then, when the sun was about to set, and knowing in advance what she was going to ask me I said: - So, what are you doing here? I thought I told you not to come here anymore.

She said: - I miss you. I miss you deeply! You used to care about me. I’m hungry. You haven’t cared for me lately and I’m love-dead. Why are you doing this to me? I remember you said that I was the most special in your whole life, and that you were going to love me and give me water every day for ever. So? What happened? Seriously, I’m dying. I’m thirsty. I can’t live like this.

I said: - Yes, I know, and I remember what I said, but I can’t feed you anymore. Neither can I give you water, because you’ll be still hungry but you’ll be alive for a long time and it will be more painful for you and for me. And I know about pain, believe me, and ask my broken heart if you don’t!

- But I will die!! ! You promised many things! You are being cruel! - She said.

- I couldn’t be sadder and you know it Love. I am not a man who leaves Love abandoned. I am not a man who doesn’t feed and nurture Love. I would give anything for you Love. But I want you to understand that I just can’t, because if I do, you, Love, will live for ever but I will die of sadness and madness.

She was upset and stood up. In silence, and then looked at me. She was crying, just as I was crying. We were running out of tears.

Kavya was sad. So sad, for her and for me, and she tried to give me hope that 'the one' would come back and then Love could live with us. She tried to convince me that because I thought I had been a good person, and because I loved her so much and cared so much about her, 'the one' would keep me in her heart and she would come back someday. She tried to convince me of many really stupid things, for hours...but !

I knew Love was saying all those things because she was love starved. So I paid little attention to what she was saying. All I said was - No, I won’t love you. No I won’t give you water.

Just before the end, and after we had remained in silence for the last hour, she looked at me and said: -Are you sure you want me to die?

Kavya was the Love of his life, but he had to let her die. Because he needed to be “alive”. That means she had to remain in silence for the rest of her life and understand and Nishant will not do anything to save her. But he warned her of what is going to happen to her and how she is going to die in his thoughts.

But she said: - I’m hungry! Please, please, feed me, at least give me a small glass of water! I’m alive now. So alive... please don’t let me die!

He took his phone out, and moved away to pretend he is on a call, and to make his life simpler, ironically !!!



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