14 March 2010

Meet...the painter !!

... he is in love with love. He believes in fairy tales and love. He is not to be confused as a stalker or a creep because that's not what he is. He is an idealist, the sentimental dreamer, the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know him. He often lives with rose colored glasses on. He make love look like an art form with all the romantic things He does for his special someone(s).

But his lover(s) who wishes to break away remembers all the investments she did for the love, she will feel that all has gone waste. All his sacrifices are in vain, what he did so much, for many years, and now what is the result? This frustration and anger is directed towards him. At that time she, who is breaking away forgets that worse will happen to him. Only selfish thoughts occupy her mind... And he is left alone !!

This is the tragedy of such love. The one who is left behind might have made more sacrifices and given a lot more for love. He gets bewildered at the outset of a break up? It is like a sudden earthquake. But, the lover or the love-canvas-painter he is, refuses to part away from love. Being a person he is, who allows feelings of love to override common sense, he is someone who is truly in love with true love. He will do anything to be with the person he loves. He believed in the idea that there is only ONE person out there for him .. but destiny had some wicked life teaching games for him in store, right from hell !!

With every page of his life, unfolding as a world war in his life. He decided to fight them off, just to get back to settings things right in yet another war with destiny for ... the love of his life!

Yes Nishant finally settles down to write on his life, and he is the painter with a ever changing canvas with his heart on his sleeves, in stead of the paint brush ... live the canvas with Nishant as he narrates or rather paints his love story with subtle mush-brush strokes in the coming posts !! ;)



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